A webinar from OrgMapper on their behavioural approach to change management

An hour of discussions and real life case studies on how inter-organizational relations analytics tool, OrgMapper | INFLUENCE, and mobilizing platform, Viral ChangeTM, can help design a shorter, cleaner, transparent, and successful change program for employees, HR and top management alike. www.orgmapper.com

Paul Ormerod's introduction to behavioural economics at THINK 2016 conference!

Watch Paul Ormerod's introduction to behavioural economics at our THINK 2016 conference! --- What exactly is 'behavioural economics' and what are its main insights? Should it lead us to be sceptical of politics and government as well as markets, in fact generally sceptical about claims for rationality and knowledge?

Craig Sullivan: Surviving the Hype Cycle

This is a must watch for anyone interested in testing and analytics.


There are good reasons why a lot of testing fails to make an impact or shift business metrics, particularly where a site has a mixture of tablet, mobile, desktop and laptop visitors. Testing across multiple device experiences requires deep customer knowledge, careful analysis and superb device QA testing. There are also useful tools and insight methods that are vital to improve the quality of ideas that go into your tests. Responsive or multi-site device experiences give us specific challenges when it comes to split testing. Getting a test to actually work across all customer browsers and devices is really hard and there are some simple mistakes you should avoid, if you don't want to waste your valuable testing resource. Get some useful pointers about where things go wrong and simple rules your team can follow for running tests and analysing the results. Craig shares the mistakes he's made in 10 years of testing, so you can trade wasted time for greater insights, better results and a happier team.