Senior Manager - Digital Learning - Air New Zealand

Leading a team of 7 in the people team, I am currently responsible for leading the digital transformation of learning/training impacting flight crew, engineers, ground operations and corporate staff. This transformation involves implementing new and complex digital systems and processes that have to adhere to strict regulatory guidelines. My core focus is to bring innovative solutions to learning in order to create a more innovative ecosystem that empowers each and every Air New Zealander with the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Digital Learning Specialist - Air New Zealand

I was tasked with creating a platform of continuous learning and experimentation for over 600 employees. With no rule book or best practice to follow I was responsible for creating and running multiple initiatives across the different business silos under the banner of digital transformation. This role also utilized my uniquely diverse skill-set from the technical to the human. In a matter of months Air NZ’s digital team is now well on it’s journey to out-learning the competition in an excitable and positive environment amidst rapid change.

List of initiatives include:
- Design and implementation of Air NZ digital specific LMS platform.
- Design and production of Agile and product management courses
- Creation of Air NZ’s weekly lunch and learn culture.
- Creation of Air NZ’s own TV show called ‘On the Couch’ and other internal comms initiatives
- Creation of Air NZ’s 100+ strong skunk-works or secret experiments team
- Evangelized Air NZ’s agile and experimentation methodologies to wide variety of stakeholders
- Designed and Implemented Air NZ’s Innovation accelerator program.
- Facilitated multiple Hackathons and learning events
- Created and facilitated team building and collaboration workshops.
- Hosted / Mc'D multiple external and internal events

Project: Limit'd

Client: HypeDC + Acclaim (Sydney)


Acclaim magazine on behalf of Hype DC briefed me to figure out how to create an editorial/product magazine as well as an eCommerce store seamlessly wrapped in one single app that worked across all iOS and Android devices. All without any technological debt. 

Project Summary:

Production and digital strategy for the creation of a mobile app which functioned like a magazine but doubled as an online shoe store.

The solution:

For starters we had to make sure that we used an off-the-shelf software system. The client was not interested in investing in a custom solution. Having looked many options on the market we found that there were plenty of options. To choose the right one I created a decision making framework to judge the best possible system to be used for the long run. I took into account, ease of rollout, price, vendor stability, licensing agreements, product roadmaps and picked a clear winner - Adobe DPS which allowed non technical design teams to create and deploy mobile app content. 
Instead of creating a custom store we deep-linked all the product content directly to their current online store reducing further development and security costs while still affording a seamless shopping experience. 

The result

Limit’d is now entering it’s 3rd year with over 25 issues and thousands of loyal sneaker freaks accessing content and buying shoes on any modern mobile device. 

Project Title: Digital Principles & Brand guidelines portal

Client: Pepper Finance 


The first challenge was to create a set of guiding principles for ‘digital’ as part of the new digital brand. The second challenge was to make it accessible for the all of pepper partners not just in print pdf form - but in an interactive online environment which could house all of pepper’s multimedia assets. The third part was to create a risk mitigated strategy for the consolidation of it’s global websites under the new brand. 

Project Summary:

Creation of guiding principles for a digital brand, website consolidation & brand portal.

The solution:

After much research and careful study of their new brand story I wrote the following digital principles along with their more detailed explanations:

Digital brand properties are the intersection of content, form and behavior.

Digital Brand Principles.
1. Start with user needs.
2. Design with data
3. Make it simple
4. Make it accessible
5. Understand context
6. Be consistent, not uniform
7. Be Human

This gave all working teams on future digital projects a guiding light to make decisions from. 

My team also made an interactive website which hosted all of the rebrand story and content along with always current, downloadable assets and explanations. We also added a user management system so we knew exactly which suppliers had access to the content. While intended to be an interactive website, the system is now being used as a rudimentary DAM.

The solution to the 3rd challenge was to create a fully clickable prototype in a short amount of time with live content so that all of the stakeholders could easily view the consolidated website before any development time was invested.

A successful, coherent and on-time rebrand process with a stable digital brand infrastructure.  

Project Title: The best eDMs in the world

Client: Yellow pages. 


The various teams at Yellow pages had amassed a large number of eDM templates over the years and each dept would use their own ad-hoc strategies for design and dispatch of communication to their customers. There was need for a clear strategy for the content, it’s layout and a consistent design approach to all email communication. Open and click through rates were overall in the acceptable range but the lack of consistency in visual structure caused for unreliable user response data.

Project Summary:

Creation of a digital design strategy to reduce the amount of time creating ‘on brand’ eDM templates as well as increase the amount of open and click through rates. 


The result

Open and click through rates increased. All messages were on brand and the most crucial feedback was that the teams were not only  saving time but clear and consistent with creation of these messages instead of having to ‘re-invent the wheel’ every time a new communication had to be sent out. 


The solution:

After a fair amount of recent eDM best practice research I opted to use parts of the behavioural data collected by the Obama team during the election and reelection campaign. So getting the tone of voice, desired word count, above the fold elements and right keywords was the first solve. That took care of the customer end. 
The second solution was creating a hierarchical, modular structure to the design and layout. Every department used one template to begin with and removed the modules that they did not need. With only 4 modules to edit from I limited their ability to have to think about and recreate the template over and over again. 

Project Title: Virtual Reality Trade show experience

Client: Yellow pages

The Challenge:

To get builders interested in visiting the yellow pages trade stand and engage with their product offering. 

Project Summary:

Create a new and engaging digital experience for a builders tradeshow

The result

Over 100% of expected signups and sales leads. The fascination with the VR medium made the customers feel that Yellow relevant in the new world of google and Facebook marketing.

The solution

We created a VR experience to illustrate the future of media and content through a Samsung VR headset. On purpose we only allowed for 1 viewer at a time so that attendees would hang around the trade stand waiting for their novel VR experience while the hosts could talk to them about the benefits of working with Yellow pages. 

Project Title: The digital dictionary

Client: The briefing/String Theory

The Challenge. 

Create a digital service to teach users digital jargon.

Project Summary:

A speculative look at a different method of learning new digital concepts using humour. 

The result

Users of the app told us that it as a novel way for them to learn and remember digital jargon since the humour is what made it memorable. 

The solution

We created an app very much like the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy but which users could search/click on a particular concept in the digital domain and have the answer written and read to them in a humour way.